Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just some things about ME!!!

So I am reading someones blog and I stumbled on this one. I am going to delete her answers and put my own..I just love these things:)

I am:  A Mama / Wife / Baker

I think:  Socks and sandles are goofy

I know: I LOVE to laugh

I want: My boys to grow up to be beautiful human beings

I have: A Crazzy LOVE for dark chocolate

I wish: More people knew about my Company CoCo's Truffles

I hate: Dirty dish water

I miss: My sisters

I fear: Something happening to the ones I love the most

I feel: Hot and sticky

I hear: The vent fan to the oven, my youngest son laughing, asking where the mopper is

I smell: Chicken and french fries

I crave: Dark chocolate

I search: For the moon at night

I wonder: Who the girl's my son's will marry some day

I regret: Not being an exerciser..I know I can do it:)

I love: Robbie, Noah, Aiden and lot's of other people

I care: About other people

I always: HAVE to tell my boys I love them before I go to bed, even though they are sleeping, if I don't and get comfy...I get up and tell them or I can't fall asleep

I am not: Good with getting my blood drawn..I hate it

I believe: There is a love out there for everyone

I dance: Every time I hear music..I can't help it

I sing: Really loud

I don’t always: Not cuss

I write: For memories

I win:  At arm wrestling with my sister Erin ;P

I never lose: My tooth brush

I listen: To anyone who wants to just talk

I can usually be found: Reading books or magazines

I am scared: Of my kids dieing before me...I truly couldn't handle that

I need: More money, don't we all

I am happy about: My life in general <3

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