Saturday, February 19, 2011

The day our lives got turned upside down

January 12th, 2011....5:15 am, I was woke up by Robbie telling me " Nicole wake up, Something is wrong with Aiden". My heart fell to my stomach, not something you EVER want to hear. We went in the bedroom to find a huge drool spot under Aiden's face. We both try to wake him up ( no luck),.  as I turn him toward me I see that his mouth is contorted to the left side. I told Robbie to turn on the light as we proceed to try to wake him. His hands then curl in towards his body and they start to flail about and the kicking starts. I hear and see Robbie going in and out of the room saying "what do you want me to do?" We are both crying and I tell him call 911. All that is going through my head is" Oh My looks like he is having a stroke, but he is 8". They tell Robbie to not restrain him so I lay him on the bed and he keeps kicking, so I lay him on the floor..still not knowing what I should be doing. I look up and see that Noah is standing in the heart aches for him because I am unable to comfort him as he is watching and not knowing what is happening to his younger brother. I hear Robbie call his Mom and Dad as I watch Aiden moaning and moving all over the floor. It seems like forever waiting for the ambulance to get to our house. Trust me..they always get lost and this drives me Bonkers. All of a sudden 6 big men are in the room and I am pressed against Noah's fish tank watching as they try to help Aiden. then the medic says "Mam, we are gonna give him a spray up his nose to stop the seizure" I ask "Is that what is happening?" I had epilepsy as a child, but all I did was pass out, Nothing like this. This spray only calms him a bit, but does not stop it. Richard, Robbies dad is here at this point too and I look up and see him crying. The Mom in me wants to be able to comfort all of them, but I can't...I Can't even comfort Aiden. One of the medics decides he is going to carry Aiden to the ambulance. i ran and changed my clothes...I have NEVER changed so fast in my life. I waited in the front seat of the ambulance for about 10 minutes before we left headed to St.Lukes. We arrive at  the hospital and he still is not waking up. He is responding to the cold stethoscope though, this they told us is good news. His seizure lasted 25 minutes...THAT is a very long time for a first time. He had on an oxygen mask and he then threw up in it and Me and Robbie lost it, this was soooo much to handle and see. As the nurse cleaned it we held eachother and cryed and I look back at Noah and he is trying so hard not to cry too. Again..I should be comforting him, can you even imagine what is going through his head?  They did a CT and that came back good..again they said this is good news, still no reason to why this happened. We found out that during the CT, he had thrown up again. They did not clean him very good, but they have their job to do and I understand. So as the Dr. is talking to us, all I am doing is trying to clean my babies face off...this is how I can comfort him. Robbies brother is here with us too..this I appreciate. I called my sister Kristin to tell her what has just happened..I needed to hear her voice..I sooo wanted to call my other sister Erin, but it was 3:30am her time, so I asked Kristin to call her in a bit...Sorry should have heard it from me. At this point they have given him 4 things to stop the seizure all together. On the way to St. Lukes they had given him 2 IV injections and when we got to the hospital they gave him Dialantin. We eventually found out we were being transferred to Toledo Childrens Hospital to the ICU. As they were putting him on the stretcher, he woke up and was very confused. I was able to ride in the front of the ambulance again..this EMT actually talked to kept me calmer..even though I kept catching myself from crying again. When we were almost there, Aiden yells "Mommy" and I said "Yeah Buddy" he says "I love you" this absolutely melted my heart..I said " I love you too" he had fallen asleep on the one EMT's leg while he lay strapped to the stretcher..such a little duder. Krissie had met us up there with some snacks and drinks and deodorant and a brush that I requested. She is the Best :) My Aunt Julie came up too and as she walked in I just cryed as she held me. Thank you. Ina of course was there too..I couldn't ask for a better Mother- in- Law..I love you! We had awesome nurses when we got there. They ordered an EEG..Aiden had to drink some liquid that would make him sleepier so he would hold still during it. He talked the whole time, just until the last 10 minutes then he zonked out, such a trooper. That came back normal too, with a little abnormality on the left side by his ear. They then ordered an MRI for the next day at 1:45 pm and he can't eat until after ( seriously??) Anyone who knows Aiden well knows this is NOT good. He is an eater and now he is alert. We got to finally go to his new bedroom, we were gonna be here for awhile. Oh and by the way, around 4:30 that same day..I found out I no longer have a job. I did not get fired, so don't worry. My boss Larry had to close the doors for good. I could not ask for a better boss. He respected me as I did him. I know hate when I call you my boss. He was not just my Boss..he was and still is my friend. Thanks for all the talks Mr. Boss Man :) I feel this happened for a reason..God knew Aiden and Noah were gonna need me and that my focus and energy will be needed with them. This has truly made me believe that things Do happen for a reason. The MRI was pushed back half an hour. This did not make Aiden a very happy camper..he had not eaten since 11 the night before.. I was able to stay with him and we snuggled in his bed as we slept..wires and all, he had 2 IV's, one in each arm. Laura our friend came up and stayed 2 hours during her lunch break. This meant a lot..she was there when the nurse came in rushing to want Aiden to drink the same stuff from the day before, but it was much more and does NOT taste good..this she felt the need to point out when I asked her for 2 medicine cups instead of the syringe..what I dumbass. Aiden does not drink out of syringes..I know this, as I am his Mom..not her. She still insisted that she could get it down by holding him down. Now I know this was not going to work, but to make a point I let her...Guess didn't work..duh!! This was not fun to watch. She then runs back and forth out of the room calling the Dr. She finally comes back in and says "ok Mom, we are gonna do it your way, how many cups do you need"? " 2 I say" I look at her and say " I am taking him in the bathroom, there is too much going on out here, you are welcome to come in" She say " No I trust you" Oh NOW you trust me. he put up a fight, but I got him to drink it..Just say it I AM KICKASS..hahahaha

    The MRI came back normal too, again with an abnormality in the same spot. The neurologist has decided to call in an ENT (ear, nose and throat). We had to decide at this point if we want to keep Aiden on anti-seizure meds..we decided..yes we do, there was an 80% chance he could have another if we decided not to keep him on it. That is way to high for me and Robbie. We NEVER want to see that again. We saw the ENT Friday night and he was not too concerned with what he saw, but we would be getting another CT in the next ended up being cholesterol something..I always forget the rest of the word, but The Dr. is not too concerned still..he will be getting an MRI in 6 months to check it again. No this has nothing to do with the seizure, it's just something they found. We left the Hospital Jan. 15th, 2011. I was not sure if I wanted to start a blog, but people that are closest to me talked me into it, telling me this could be my outlet. Our lives since that morning of January 12th have been crazy...appt after appt and in the mix of all this Aiden got pneumonia. He is doing great though..he is our little trooper. My family is my whole world..I hope this did not make you cry too much..I cryed while typing it. I will always relive it in my's like it just happened. Hopfully my next post will be more uplifting ;)