Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baking..I love it!

If anyone asked me why I love Baking..I would say, Because I am damn good at it! Just kidding. Actually when I bake I think it soothes me in a way..calms my nerves. The other day I made Homemade yellow cake ( not boxed ), not that that is me I use boxed cake. I just wanted to know how to make homemade cake like they do on that show Cake Wars. So who did I call? My sister Erin to have her look up a recipe for me. Most of them called for shortening (Ewww), but we found one. So I then had decided to make Carrot Cake Cup cakes with cream cheese frosting. Now I don't normally like Carrot cake, but this was my recipe so I tweaked it to my liking..and Damn was it good if I do say so myself. I sliced the carrots in my Handy Dandy Food Processor that my Awesome Husband and kids bought me for Mother's Day, added some allspice and cinnamon and Blam! was it good. I then made my cream cheese frosting and added allspice and cinnamon and some vanilla extract to that too..Mmmmm I could just eat that by itself..and trust me I did. Robbie just looks at me and says " Nicole, you are gonna get a stomach ache" I was like "Whatev", and did a little dance around the kitchen. I could be sitting on the couch and think " I want to bake something", so I get up and find some stuff and start baking.
    I remember when I was a kid, Terrie would give Me and Nikki free rain in the kitchen to bake. We had sooo much fun..we would start with a batter of some sort and just start adding things to it..some of the stuff was pretty weird, but it always turned out..well mine did, Nikki still to this day claims hers NEVER turned out good. I'm sure some did :) Terrie was an awesome cook and baker. I wish I could remember if my Mom was. Terrie always told me she was and so do a lot of other people. I just wish I actually knew. I trust them, don't get me wrong..I just never got the chance to bake with my Mom as a child, or at least I don't remember..I was only 8 when she got sick, but God took care of me and gave me Terrie to do those things with. It's not the same, but I still treasure it. So this shows you that I was baking and cooking early on. Trust me anyone can learn, you just have to start with a good recipe and have fun with it. Baking or Cooking with someone always makes it more fun too, so if you ever want to bake or cook with me, just give me a call......I'll be waiting ;)