Thursday, August 6, 2015

Dear Mom at Cracker Barrel

Dear Lady at Cracker Barrel,
I see you, I hear you, I feel your love you have for your adult special needs son.
As I sit with my husband and my oldest at lunch today, I notice a Mom and her son walking to their table. Two more family members sit across from the mom and her son. I am facing them at our table. Just to give you an idea of my surroundings. I don't stare to be rude. Actually I don't stare at all, I don't think. I love to people watch, but I try to be discreet about it. This family keeps drawing my attention though. Well how the mom responds to her son. It's the little things, like rubbing his back, the tone she uses while speaking to him. There is pure love in her voice, compassion. I can't help but to notice how he eats. Slow and thought out, if that makes sense. I didn't ignore my family as I watch this other family of course, but I couldn't help but to constantly smile.
When the son was almost done with his food, I overhear him kinda asking the waitress if it's ok that he go outside and sit in one of the rocking chairs. It was..... It was just so sweet. The other family member, maybe an aunt goes on to tell him, if you finish your salad, we are gonna go get ice cream after. He then reaches across the table and "fist bumps" her.
And BOOM! My frickin tears come on! As I sat there looking around shoving food in my mouth, anything to fight back those damn tears. I eventually put my whole napkin up in front of my face. At that moment The Hubs notices my tears. He knows exactly why I'm crying. He whispers "go to the bathroom".  At this point my tears are flowing.. Curse you emotions!! I look at him and say "she is just so good with him".
Dear Mom at Cracker Barrel,
I am not a crazy woman who was laughing at you or your special needs child.
I am a Mom who understands and respects you. I also have a special needs child who is precious.
I was crying because I felt your love for your son.
I was crying because what I wanted to do was get up and tell you how amazing you are.
I was crying because I was worried I would offend you somehow.
I was crying because I wanted to tell you how amazing your son is and that I enjoyed being your neighbor in a restaraunt.
I'm crying now because I never did any of those things. I was too worried I would be a blubbering mess.
I even thought of writing a short letter to have your waitress give you after we left.
I'm sorry I didn't do that.

Dear Readers,
Please, if you see parents that have a special needs child or even if they are a typical child. Let them know if they are doing an amazing job. Little compliments go a long way

                   Random Crying Person in Cracker Barrel