Friday, July 8, 2011

at least for ME it's gonna be scary

Good NEWS!!! About 2 1/2 weeks ago Aiden had a sleep deprivation EEG, this meant that we had to wake him up at 2 am and keep him awake for the rest of the night. THAT was fun. I actually woke him up at 2:40 am..kinda hard, but I did it. I then proceeded to tickle him and make him laugh, do you know how hard it is as a parent to try to act as if YOU are NOT tired??? Ha!!! I was tired, but had to be a trooper for Aiden, he is what matters. After an hour of tickling him and making him laugh I looked at Robbie and said " Your turn " God love him, he took right over, BUT his way was letting Aiden crawl up in the chair with him to "snuggle ". I then decided I am gonna hang some pictures at 4 am. I had  to keep telling Robbie to wake Aiden up and he tells me " Oh he is just kidding, he is awake " as I look at Aiden's eyes closed. Then at 5 am we woke up Noah, we took showers and headed off to Cafe Maries, we got there 3 minutes after they opened at 6:30am. This will keep us busy till 8am. We needed to be at St. V's by 8:30am...there he could fall asleep if he wanted to. He fell asleep 2 minutes before we got there ( snoring and all ). Poor little duder:( It took about 1 hour for his EEG to be done, the nurse said he Zonked right out. She looked at us and said " You have a VERY well behaved little boy, what a sweety". That makes you feel good as a parent:) We finally got the results from that EEG this week and they came back normal ( no signs of a seizure ). THIS means we start to ween him off his Trileptal. He will be totally weened off it by Aug. 9th 2011. 
     Even though there showed no signs of a seizure and trust me, this makes me VERY happy. It scares the beejesus out of me to take him off the one thing that is making him NOT have a seizure. I think every night at least for awhile I am not gonna be able to sleep, being scared that he might have a seizure. So that is why I say " at least for me it will be scary ".  We still do not know what caused it and may never know. The thing is.......there are only 4 people who were in that room that night that saw just how bad it was...and I NEVER want to see that again, who would?  When something bad happens to your 100% RIPS your heart out. These beautiful creatures, YOU have created and carried and LOVE, they become your WHOLE world, the reason you LIVE and want to be a better person for. THEY are what matters in life.  So we Thank everyone who has prayed for him for us <3