Thursday, May 21, 2015

When you question friendships

Friendships are hard, especially as adults.  We think as we get older that they would become easier, or maybe we think as kids they are easy.  I personally think they are harder as adults. I think we tend to overthink more.  As kids we are more free spirited, our feelings still get hurt, but we have this innocence.  As adults we over analyze, we question ourselves and others.  Don't say you don't, because you do.  You may not vocalize it, but deep down inside you do.  This needs to stop!  We are adults for crying out loud!  Hold your head up high, be proud of who you have become.  
Recently, I've felt I've lost some friendships, even some that I thought were just starting.  I've dwelled on this, I've questioned myself about it, thinking, what did I do, did I say something wrong, did I not talk enough, did I talk too much, do I not have enough money to fit in?  Have I cried about these lost  friendships? Yes I have.  One can call me weak, or sensitive, but you know what?  I AM sensitive, and I'm not gonna apologize for it.  Friendships are hard damn it! Especially when you don't know what you may have said or done wrong.  It eats at you.
I've brought back friendships before, that shit is hard.  I did it because I loved that person, I wasn't ready to let go, but are we ever really ready?  How do we know when to stop fighting though?  Does the other person even want to fight for that friendship, or have they moved on?
My question is... Why as adults is it so hard to maintain friendships?  Why can't it be easy like back in elementary.. Will you be my friend?  Circle      Yes      No

I must say... I'm a pretty kickass friend.. I love till the end
Clearly, I can rhyme too!
Oh and Dirty Hair Don't Care
Go enjoy your coffee!