Friday, March 25, 2011

Some Of My Favorite Things...

So I decided to write a blog that hopefully won't make anybody sad this time. I thought " Hmmm, maybe some people may want to know what I like, "what makes Me tick".  So here it goes. I absolutely LOVE Tree Hut Shea Body Butter. It comes in a four pack at Meijer for like $5.00. I have eczema and this makes my legs Ohhh so soft.

My next favorite thing is Coconut Oil...this my sister Kristin turned me onto. I use it to take off my make-up   ( hence, no chemicals, all natural ) and I also rub some between my fingers and run it through my hair before I blow dry makes my hair not so frizzy. I just found out that Kroger sells it for only $6.95, where at Bassets it is $9.95. I was so excited to see it at Krogers.

  Lately I have had a few random people tell me just how good I smell..if you read my Facebook status last week you would have read just how close someone at Krogers got to me to smell me..that was a First. So if you don't want to be as Crazy as That woman I will just tell you what perfume I wear.  It is Lucky Number 6.  I love the bottle, I love the smell..It is my FAV.  Now I am pretty sure you can find it at many stores like Kohls, Elder Beerman, JcPenny, maybe even Meijer for about $35.00 for a bottle way bigger than the one in the picture.

  Now as most of you should know is that my sister Erin is the Owner of Bellababy Studio and she makes these Beautiful flowers and bows.  If you see me on a regular basis you know you will see me sporting something in my hair made by her.  What can I say...She is Awesome at what she does.  You can find her on Facebook and Etsy, so get to it buy something :)

  Now if I am not wearing something made by my sister, than most likely you will see me in some sort of hat.  The grey one on the right I have stolen from my Brother- In- Law Chuckster..Shhhh he thinks he will be getting it back, but between you and me " He's not". I find these hats everywhere..Target, Meijer, Chuckster, Kohl's..they usually range from $6-12.00.  Hey if you can ROCK a hat...ROCK It!!

   I have a slight obsession with long socks, as I call " My Crazy Socks" I LOVE them and I don't care if they match what I am wearing..even though sometimes I try to match a little. Robbie and our boys always try to find new ones for me...leg warmers are cool too.  I have one pair that I put on one night and started jumping on the bed in front of Robbie and started singing " I'm a Maniac..Maniac... On The Floor". If you don't know what  that song is from..I am sorry to say "YOU were deprived as a child".

  My family and I are Major movie watchers.. I love movies that make me laugh, cry and think. These are some of my Favorites. You don't live under a Rock, so I don't need to tell you where you can find movies :).

  Just like my flowers, bows and hats..if you know me and see me on a regular basis you will also know I love me some scarves. Three of them I got from my sister Erin..the maroon, tan and aqua one, she actually made. My friend Ayda made me the long teal one for my Birthday.  The light blue and teal ones on the end came from Thailand..I mean actually traveled from Thailand to Maui to Ohio..those two are from my Aunt Pammy and they smell so good.

  I love All sorts of music as you can tell from my CD's.  Trust me there is so many more I would love to own..this collection isn't even close to All of the variety that I like.

  Oh my Gosh..I almost forgot! The one thing that makes my mouth water  as I am trying not to drool...And that is Dark Chocolate..ohh how could I almost forget you, you little devil.  What makes it soooooo easy to love is..It's Good for you!!!!

   I have been collecting penguins for some years could you not love them, they are soo stinkin cute.  This set of penguins I got from my friend Chris a couple of years ago.   I am also starting to love owls. I think that they are so peaceful and mean no harm..very tranquil.

  There are 3 things that aren't actually Things that are my utmost FAVORITE in this whole world.......That my Friends are my Boys....THEY are My WORLD...THEY make me who I am...THEY Love ME no matter what.  Hug the ones that are in your life and Don't sweat the small stuff. I hope this blog brought a Smile to your face, because THAT was my ultimate goal.... Love you all!!   Peace Out!!