Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Heart is Tugging

Monday...January 23rd, 2012
I had just dropped Aiden off at school at 10:10, he had speech therapy that morning.  At 10:40..Robbie brought me my phone and said someone had called it.  I checked and it was Park Elementary ( Aiden's School ).  I didn't listen to the message, I just called them back.  Already having a feeling of what happened.  I spoke to the nurse and as she is telling me what happened, my worst fears are coming to light.  She told me that Aiden's Aide ( Sue ) had been trying to get Aiden's attention and she couldn't.  He kept staring off...wayyy different than his usual.  She proceeded to wave her hands around in front of his face saying his name over and over.  She then picked up his chair with him in it and turned it to face her, trying to get him to focus on her.  Sue yelled for the Teacher to tell her what time it was, she wanted to time this.  All of a sudden Aiden's eyes got BIG and he looked right at Sue and she asked him "are you ok Buddy?"  He lunged at her and started crying really hard..burying his  face in her arm.  Sue and his teacher both thought he looked really pale, so Sue took him down to the office and they gave him some crackers and juice.  Everything seemed to be fine, so they started to walk back to the classroom, when Aiden looked at Sue and said " Mrs. Smith, my hand won't stop shaking ".  She tried to hold it to get it to stop, but it wouldn't.  They then went back to the office...Sue was worried something else would happen and she didn't want to be alone in the hallway if it did.  It stopped and that's when they called me.  It's crazy how fast things can change.  I told the nurse at the school that I was gonna call his primary doctor and I would call them back.  Aiden was back in class at this point, but I was FREAKING!!!  I called the doctors and tried my damnedest NOT to cry while on the phone.  She told me to call his Neurologist because it sounded neurological.  This isn't happening.....long story a little short..Doctor was not in and nurses weren't either.  I looked at Robbie and said "let's go pick up Aiden".  We kept thinking....seizure, but maybe his sugar was low.  We don't know..we are not Doctors.  Five hours later, I get a call back from the neurologist office telling us to UP his Trileptal to 5ml in a.m and 5ml in p.m.  Ok............soooooo is the neurologist thinking this has to do with his Epilepsy?..does he think he had a seizure? are you sure it wasn't his sugar?  Come ON!!!!  That is all she was gonna tell me.."up his Trileptal"  SERIOUSLY!!!!  She had to put me on hold and go ask the Doctor all the questions...SERIOUSLY!!!  He said yes, it was his epilepsy and IF it was his sugar there would have been more symptoms with it.  The hand shaking has to do with the seizure.  Soooo....he had a seizure at school.  It lasted about a minute..minute in half.  My baby LOST time and that is probably why he started crying.  I could only imagine how scared he was when he came to.  Does the Doctor want to see us you ask...nope, not till our appt. March 14th.  Nice isn't it.  We are thinking....he has been on 4ml in morning and night since August 1st, 2011.  He most likely went through a growth spurt and the 4ml wasn't cutting it.  At least it wasn't like the other two.  This little boy sure is working my heart.  Our hearts...