Friday, December 30, 2011


So this year has brought Us tears, laughter, family, new friends, old friends, LOTS of Dr.'s and more tears. Can I say this has been one of the most challenging years of my life? Yes, Yes I could.  I know we are given what we can handle, but sometimes I feel we are tested beyond what we think we could possibly ever think we could do.  And this year my friends...WE were tested and ya know what....WE did it, or at least I think we have.

  I have made friends and became close to them so fast that I would begin to think...we were meant to meet. There has been a friend that has been there for me more times than I can say these past couple of years and she took the time on her lunch break to come to the hospital when Aiden had his first seizure and she stayed for almost 3 hours.  She will never truly know just how much that meant to me.

  Other friends and family called and wished us well and they are just as important to me as everyone else.  Please don't think I will ever forget you guys and the love you shared and continue to share.  We also had a great friend who, when she found out, she met us at the hospital with food, drinks, and other stuff we would need. I love you Bunches!
I honestly don't know if we could have gotten through this without ALL of you.  For this we are Thankful each and every day that we have such Amazing people in our lives. To Richard and Ina....I was given such AWESOME in-laws.  You are like another set of parents to me and our boys.  I love you so  much.

  The one thing that I wish I had my sisters ( Kristin and Erin ).  You know how I feel, so I won't share it on here for everyone to read.  We are connected and close more than people would know...this I am grateful for.

So here is to 2012...whatever it may bring us, I know we will get through it.  Whatever it may bring you..just know that you will get through it too.
    Much love and Hugs <3 and a Happy Happy New Year!!!