Wednesday, October 5, 2011

From This Moment On.....

    How to start this blog.....Hmmmmm
As I am sitting here at the library waiting for the time to pass until it is time to pick up my kids, it gives me LOTS of time to think. You know it is gonna be 17 years this December that Me and Robbie have been together. That's more than most people stay married, sad but true. I am not bragging in a any sense, but shouldn't I be allowed that? I think so....The fact that I found My one true Love, Best friend and someone who loves me for me and would NEVER want to change anything about me. He knows what to say without even talking, he knows that just a simple touch of his hand can say a thousand words. We have our ups and downs, but that is part of life. The way you handle these ups and downs is the key. We have never called each other bad things or talked down to each other either...I know he can drive me BONKERS just as much as I can drive him BONKERS, but I feel everything in this life is a learning experience. We have grown with each other and have NEVER felt that we are loosing ourselves in that process.
    I knew from the first day that I went to his house that I wanted to be with him...share my inner most moments with. I knew I wanted him to be the one that I laughed and cried did I know this at 16?...he made it that easy. He had a sweetness that most 16 year olds didn't.
    Fast forward to June 1998, when I found out I was pregnant...I don't know if I could have been happier...March 6th, 1999 our baby boy was born and here ya go....I was even happier. He was simple Beauty. Being able to create a little person with the man you love the me is the greatest gift.
    May 26th, 2001.....the Day we got married, I can't tell you how many times I cried out of pure happiness, anyone who was their could tell you though. I think I may have been radiating in happiness.
    January 2002 was very very hard. My Aunt who raised me from the time I was 8 passed away. When i came home from the hospital I was a Zombie...that day passed with a blur. Robbie was there of course to comfort me and little Noah, they are all that I wanted. That March we found out I was pregnant again.
December 13th, 2002 our second little man was born. My two boys:)
    Now I know kids are not for everybody and I respect that, but.........Man are you missing out. These little beings are Mini " YOU'S ". Like my quote in my bathroom....."Children are a story yet to be told". My boys are my GREATEST creation and accomplishment. In no way am I a perfect parent, but I am gonna try my Damnedest. These little faces look to you for everything and sometimes we just don't have the answers, but you know what I will search until I find one.
    I know a lot of my blogs have been about Aiden's stuff going on, but that is a VERY big thing right now in our lives. My three boys are my life.  If I didn't have the love at home from my Husband I am sure it would have been wayyyyy more difficult to deal with. I also have Amazing Family and Friends <3.
    So when life throws you hard balls, you need to just hit them out of the field. By me saying this I don't want you to think everything is hunky dorey.....all of this with Aiden has been very heart wrenching, I feel like I could cry at any moment sometimes for the smallest of things. I get told a lot how strong I am, but sometimes I don't feel strong and I don't want to feel strong, I just want a good cry damn it! Even though with all this that is going on I have had some AWESOME  belly laughs...anyone that knows me...knows I LOVE to laugh.
    Back to the point of this blog.....My love for Robbie: these are my descriptions
    1. Best Friend
    2. Daddy
    3. Husband
    4. Brother
    5. Lover
    6. least to me
    7. Honest
    8. Giver
    9. Sweet
   10. Quiet
   11. Very Very Friendly
   12. Noble
   13. Generous
   14. Would give the shirt off his back
    This blog is not meant to brag about what I have, but more for the deep..deep love and appreciation I have for my husband.
     If you have not found your ONE....My wish for you is...that you will...everyone deserves this kind of love.
    From This Moment On...I Will Love You <3