Monday, June 4, 2012

A Sad..Sad Day

   At 4:12 pm today, we lost an Amazing man.  This would be our Uncle Lenny.  He lost his battle to Cancer.  It makes me ask the we live just to watch our loved ones die?  Why can't it be easier then?  No..we LIVE, so we have the chance to LOVE, and no matter how hard it is at least we have that..."LOVE ".  Uncle Lenny did sooo much for people and didn't think anything of it.  Aunt Barb had the privilege to LOVE him and him her <3.  I can't help but to compare the love that me and Robbie share to theirs.  They truly loved each other with their whole being, they NEVER talked bad to each other, yes they may have had their differences, but don't we all......
   I can't even begin to imagine the pain that Aunt Barb is feeling right now, I wish I could take it away.  They were able to share 36 Beautiful years together, but I know in my heart they deserved more.  I wish that they were able to be 90 yrs old and sitting on that new porch that just got built sipping on coffee and making each other laugh.  Aunt Barb whenever you feel a cool breeze or see a rainbow, I want you to think of Uncle Lenny and know that he is smiling down at you and still LOVING you.

   We wish we could be there to help heal your heart, but we know only time can do that.  It will get easier I will ALWAYS have him in spirit and hold onto that love forever as I know you will.  Nobody can take that from you.
   As I said above....he is lost but NEVER forgotten <3...We love you Uncle Lenny and thanks for everything you have given...your LOVE the most important.